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Utah Fire Patches

Utah was the 45th state in the USA
It became a state on January 4, 1896.
State Capital is Salt Lake City.
Nickname is Beehive State.
Utah's official flag was adopted in 1913.
- The flag has a deep blue field with the state seal in the center, surrounded by yellow fringe.
- The state seal was designed by Harry Emmett Edwards in 1896.
- In the center of the flag is a bald eagle above a beehive (symbolizing hard work), surrounded by sego lilies (representing peace) and two US flags.
- The word "INDUSTRY" and the dates 1847 and 1896 appear on the flag.
- 1847 is the year that Brigham Young led a group of his Mormon followers to the Salt Lake Valley in Utah in order to find religious freedom and establish a new base for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.